An accomplished trip


For many a time after Verduyn,
The world knew not really,
Why must we add T and E,
For cultivations with budding yeasts ?

Time flew and,
Generations of yeast researchers,
Guided by illustrious mentors,
Quoted Verduyn dutifully and obediently.

Together with gravity ‘g’
And other such constants,
E and T became the new additions,
At values of 10 and 420 mg per Litre.

V for Verduyn,
E for Ergosterol,
T for Tween 80, and
D for Delft.

Vet.D became the acronym,
That children at crèches,
Began to learn,
For many years hence.

Until one day…

The clouds were ominously hanging
And lightning was striking mercilessly,
In the gastronomical capital of São Paulo,
And in the meadow city of Campinas…


Researchers in the name of B, F
J and L, J and V,
Embarked on a journey,
Spearheaded by the unostentatious trio: AL, AN and TH.

Bent on explaining the constants E & T anew,
Many a time was spent on many an experiment,
To search, find, and to seek, an explanation for the holy grail of all:
‘Why does K grow (not) in the absence of E & T ?’


With ultrapure Nitrogen and oxitrap,
Even oxygen became a prisoner,
Not able to pass on,
Its once possessed glory.

Monsieur L and Monsieur F
Nailed the coffin, or for want of a better expression,
Hit the bull’s eye,
With a beautiful experiment of K’s washout.

Herr AN was at a conference in Sitges,
Gathered with many a result from his researchers,
And many a papers at his disposal,
Presented the results to an august galore.

Many a meeting ensued thereafter,
And many, many ideas emerged.
With the power of internet,
Herr AN shared them all, with the flick of a click.

Herr AN went to D,
Yes, D for Delft,
Dined with JA & TO,
Elated they were of our renewed interest in E & T.

With the deadline looming, on the 18 Dec,
Monsieur L perhaps shall go to D,
And also supervised by none other than J,
Best wishes to senhor L from all.


Obrigado Prof. AN por ideia de voces,
por transportando as notícias
Many a thanks to all,
For the many discussion we had over the several weeks.

We shall continue to thrive the mounting excess.
And proclaim that sky is the limit.
Then children one day, shall learn the new acronym:
USP-UNICAMP, with many more letters than Vet.D.

Would you not say that as progress ?

My Lab
AL’s lab

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