Down the memory lane

Someone who has taught for 40 years, retires from his work.
Their students organised a get together to share the memories.
The passage below was written on the 7th of November in homage to F & B.
We will also age. Would we also become insightful and thoughtful citizens of the world ?

going on a promenade
going on a promenade

I see many of F and B’s former students.
They have graduated,
They have families and kids,
Such toddlers they are, or
They are old and young alike​.
​With ​white hair and grey stubble​,
It was an afternoon of merry making.

Citizen of the world
Citizen of the world

​​Former colleagues and students paying homage
To their esteemed mentors,
Laughters and loud conversation ensued,
Memories shared and photographs snapped
To be crystallise​d​ in memory.

Overlapping memories

The waiters are tirelessly grilling meat and sausages,
Walking around in trays with sorbets and drinks.
A boy at the table football or
A child on the grass,
A little baby passed around,
Hugs and kisses.
Old times remembered in great detail.

A good evening

With ​no wifi or internet,
Conversations had to happen,
Like water flowing downhill,
The weather being perfect
And the waterfall by the pool,
‘Ts indeed the time for a memorable holiday,

Random movements
Random movements

Photo trials on the wall on a string,
Projections that vanish with a switch,
It’s time for reliving the memory
And out to test the remembrances.

Thoughts in circles
Thoughts in circles

R is holding a little one
And he is enthralled by ​her ear​-​ring.
I see women leaning onto their husbands,
At times exchanging a kiss​,
Or attending their children,


People surrounding ​F & B,
With emotions evoked by words,
Such power the words possess.​

Jamboree of colours
Jamboree of colours

Children playing video games​,
M reads on the microphone,
Various words formed by
The concatenation of 26 letters.

Shadow in the mirror
Shadow in the mirror

It was indeed a day of merrymaking,
And fun and frolic and
I shall remember this soiree
For many a day hence.

A new beginning
A new beginning

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