Microbial variegation

Microbial art

Nature’s bountiful Colours
are indeed a treat
to our visual appetite too.

What shapes and forms
these microscopic
beings possess !
Do they also have a heart
Oft I wonder ?
With their perfect boundaries and fences,
and yet not trespassing
onto their neighbour’s garden,
even by inches of point two.
Are they teaching us, the 6 foot bipeds,
the 1001 ways
to live in harmony ?
I shall always yonder.
Communities of various
colours coexisting
together, is truly
a wonderful exhibit in life too.
Don’t we need, at times
the fifty shades of gray too?
for black and white are
two extremes too.
A grey sky on a cold day,
or dark clouds on a thunderous night,
breaks the ennui of our
9-5 life
and surely elevates our spirits too.
I shall but thank you
for sending us these multitude of colours,
of our minuscule friends and foes,
to also peek into their lives too.

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