Manifestations of thought


[me = thinker + thought
no thought = no thinker ?
Thinker, thinking, thought: the Trinity of Life
Thought = thinker
thinking without thinker ?]


Sir H. Wotton wrote:

How happy is he born and taught
that serveth not another’s will;
whose armour is his honest thought
and simple truth his utmost skill;

Photograph by Sebastian Selgado

Albert Camus wrote:

”It was as if the earth on which our houses stood were being purged of its secreted humours thrusting up to the surface
the abscesses and pus clots that had been forming in its entrails.”


It is shocking to see that a world which is becoming self obsessed
Mr Trump is obsessed with Americanism
and Mr Zuckerberg is obsessed with free internet.
The BJP in India is obsessed with Hindutva,
and the Hindus and Muslims kill each other;
The Talibans are obsessed with Islam;
But the Shias and Sunnis cannot tolerate each other.
The Christians are obsessed with sins and heaven
yet they are loggerheads with the Protestants.
The Zionists are obsessed with their Jewish land
and in this obsession the Palestinians and Israelis are obliterating each other.
Nawaz El Saadawi, at 83, is as combative as ever for a good cause.
Students are obsessed with getting good grades,
The researchers are obsessed with publishing,
The journalists are obsessed with news mongering,
The banks are obsessed with money and investment,
The capitalist society is obsessed with rich becoming richer,
The poor are obsessed with getting food and becoming rich.
The whole world is obsessed with something or other.
Where is love and what is compassion.
What is this nonsensical competition:
neither can a horse compete with an elephant,
nor a whale with a snail.
a child can say that the sizes and shapes are different.
The notion of one world,
and a world free of religion is also a kind of obsession.
Is thinking an obsession too,
Is living life an obsession too ?
Life = Thinking, Thinker, Thought.


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