The dirigibility of thought


Two yeasts met in the woods and one of them took the road less traveled by and it made all the difference.
The roads are the divergence point in the phylogenetic tree ca. 200 Mya ago.
(Robert Frost’s original poem is some what different)
But what is beyond ?
Is it possible to have an immortal yeast, just like a HeLA cell ?
What happens to mitochondria in industrial yeast strains ?
If yeasts are perennially fermenting in open industrial vats, is it not expensive for the cells to invest energy in genes that it may never use ?

But, they do have the moon, the stars and the sky to gaze all day long.
They do have profuse amounts of sugar.
They do mind when they are doused in furfural or hydroxymethy furfural.
For they are toxic byproducts of the chemical decomposition of cellulose.
hydroxy methyl furfural
​If you look at the structure of these two furfurals, darn, they look very cute.
The sport a five carbon ring with atoms protruding from the top and bottom.
Almost like an insect with a mouth, a belly and a hind leg.

Does research actually mean we are re-searching: searching something which is already there ? We search for an understanding of the observed phenomena using the basic laws; we also probe the system and measure its response in order to go beyond the existing knowledge. Technically speaking when we clone a heterologous gene in a native, we are accelerating evolution and we should call it ‘invention’ as invention implies creating something new, something that never existed before; in contrary discovery is merely showing what is already right in front of us. Schrodinger’s quote is very apt to end this paragraph:

The task is…not so much to see what no one has yet seen; but to think what nobody has yet thought, about that which everybody sees.”
― Erwin Schrödinger


I am the Moon,
Hard to believe that I am suspended like a chandelier in the naked sky !
Isaac Newton worked out the mathematics of universal gravitation
after wondering idly why I did not fall.
Vijay sees me through a binocular at 4 am.
He has been measuring the distance between me and
the two objects that look like stars that fall on the same line.
Not has he any tools except his fingers.
After all, it is indeed a measure very personal  !

Every day I get farther and farther way from the little ones.
Sometimes changing shape and size.
Crescent shaped, like a boat, one day or a full blasted sphere in a few days time.
Realised he later that the two objects are the planets Jupiter and Venus,
for they merged their paths on the 30th of June 2015.
Look up some one did say,
gosh what a great treat it was to Vijay.

How can it be a line when I am in three dimension,
Is there not a Ramanujan who has computed the planar distance between me and the stars ?
Remember a student from Azerbaijan who gave a painting of me ?
My outer surface have dark areas just like the doggerland that was lost beneath the oceans.
Vijay asks himself, do you observe our lives, do you see me ?
He shall always wonder.
Vijay says: ‘Thou art beautiful. Patience is the word that signifies you’.
I am Pyruvate.
I am three carbons long on a chain,
Decorated by Hydrogen on all sides.
Like petals on a flower.
However, the middle carbon houses luxuriously an additional oxygen.
With a double bond that is too strong.
The first carbon sports two more oxygen, like a pendant on a rosary,
Like two zeros joined together.
Life does have homo-atomicity, while some humans vehemently refuse homosexuality.
Pyruvate is the key molecule in respiration as its fate is decided by oxygen and the demand of energy. Too high a demand, it gets broken down to lactic acid. A duller demand coerces oxygen to accept the electrons from it and conserve energy in the form of ATP. Yes cells have currency too. Who does not like it ? Speaking I am as though they have a mind. They are mere molecules who seem to possess this quality. Is it the DNA or the proteins or the RNA or indeed their neighbours who lead a solemn life ? Can the behaviour of a cell be ever attributed to one single cause ?
They say that carbon is 6 and oxygen is 8 and that leaves the inert nitrogen in between.
(only inert in the air; remember the deadly TNT or nitrocellulose, both of which houses this supposedly inert element)
Lucky we are that they compose the atmosphere.

The solubility of CO2 is 50x higher in water as compared to its solubility in the air. Henderson rightly points out the genesis of the planet could have been due to simple physical laws, which contributed to the fitness of a being.

Wells Cathedral, UK
Wells Cathedral, UK

I see that in America, the state has given permission for same sexes to marry. It is ironical that the state can decide what an adult does in the bedroom. Can the big brother also seep into people’s thoughts one day ? There has been uproar around the world following this historic announcement. Society is crumbling, some say, while others say that homosexuals cause climate change. I am working in bioenergy that means that even I if am a homosexual, I can simply not be, because my research aims to mitigate climate change. While in India, the land of kamasutra, they call it gay sex and not same sex relationship. Is sex the only thing that happens in a relationship ? If ‘Love’ simply reduced to an act? What then is a relationship ?

Facebook changed its photo filter to include the rainbow flag. People are sick, the conservatives say. Countries with strict religious beliefs derided the US. Texas may not issue papers to those who wish to get married due to the religious attitudes of the clerks. When will be there a time when issues such as these will be discussed openly in a non parochial way without the interference of any morality or religion or beliefs ?

Google has had for many years, the rainbow colour embedded in its sheets.
Just type P R I D E in each cell of a google sheet and voila, you have the rainbow colour. Why do we have to associate these lovely colours just to one section of a community. Every one seeks an identity and identifying oneself to anything produces problems.
“One wonders why this craving, longing, for identification exists. One can understand the identification with one’s physical needs – the necessary things, clothes, food, shelter and so on. But inwardly, inside the skin as it were, we try to identify ourselves with the past, with tradition, with some fanciful romantic image, a symbol much cherished. And surely in this identification there is a sense of security, safety, a sense of being owned and of possessing. This gives great comfort. One takes comfort, security, in any form of illusion. And man apparently needs many illusions. A nd as the sun arose you were part of that light and had left behind everything that thought had put together. You completely forgot yourself. The psyche was empty of its struggles and its pains. And as you walked, climbed, there was no sense of separateness, no sense of being even a human being.” ― J. Krishnamurti.
“A complete life may be one ending in so full identification with the non-self that there is no self to die.” ― Bernard Berenson
Nothing is so fatal to the progress of the human mind as to suppose that our views of science are ultimate; that there are no mysteries in nature; that our triumphs are complete, and that there are no new worlds to conquer.” ―Humphry Davy
In Tunisia people are killed. In Africa people are killed. Many people are committing suicide. Do people who commit suicide are unhappy, asks someone.
Do they think about their loved ones ?
What are the final thoughts in their mind before the last breadth departs their body.
What happened to their aspirations ?
Their unfulfilled thoughts and desires. Do they ever get fulfilled.

Do they join the stream of consciousness ?

Greece is crumbling under the mighty Atlas.
EU wants its exit.
How can a country with such immense history and several millions of people go bankrupt?
One day you have everything. Next day it is all gone.
What does living mean to them ?

The night is quiet and the roads are empty.
Ignorant armies clash by night said Matthew Arnold
But night has its own beauty. Why is it equated with fear ?
Brockwood Park, UK
Brockwood Park, UK
Is the CO2 produced by the yeast today different from CO2 I respired ?
When it is the same gas that gives life, how can one hate another ?
Seven Oaks, UK
Seven Oaks, UK
Is matter limited ?
Can thought be like a kite without a string ?
Lake district, UK

Lake district, UK

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