I wrote this for the student magazine at DTU, in Copenhagen, in 2004 when I was still a PhD student.



Mortal humans defy nature and
struggle to live longer. Rich become
richer, poor become poorer
and the economic disparity favors
the moneyed to thrive. To change
the ethics Mother Nature has nurtured.

Change is good. Evolution is
all about change. But in the name of
change/development or call whatever
you want, Nature has been
raped umpteen number of times
that she only needs a spark every
now and then, to ignite and to
erupt the suppressed feelings to
take revenge on those who had
disrespected her, knowingly, wittingly,
deliberately, revengefully,
and sadly.

CO2 levelII

rule the
r o o s t .
bad (in
r h y m e
with Orwell ’ s
‘two legs
bad, four legs good’. But I have to
use it much cautiously as even the
Orwellian pig characters distorted
it to ‘Four legs good, two legs better’).

BBC radio4 Timeline


The sun, stars, the sky, the
earth are the silent witnesses to
the cruelty inflicted on their beloved
sister. They have enormous
energy in them but it does not
come to help their suffering kin
as they are so wilfully conditioned
and changed, that it takes eons to
rebel against the inflictors. You can see her crying out
earnestly in the form of cyclonic
storms, pulling up the hair in her
trees as she goes mad during gale
and venting out her anger during
volcanic eruptions. The sun and
the stars go hide under the carpet
of the human conditioner: the vast
canopic clouds of the sky.

Coverpage of the Sunday Magazine ‘Folio’ from ‘The Hindu’


In spite of the ill-sored souls,
few unsung heroes battle
to keep the bad forces at bay; but
how long; maybe till they are alive
and have the burning zeal in them;
lest, Nature is left at the mercy of
fate. Why should they possess this
quality? Who gives them this? Why
do they want and make a change.
What is the Motive? Is it for a better
life with a vested interest in
nature? I don’t know. This much I
know that they are born to make
a change. They can die to put it at
place. Good and bad are decided by the moneyed
people to create and make
history, to tamper history and to
re-write history, at the cost of
impoverished lives: the sacrificial
lambs, who suffer for the very reason
for being born, tormented by
power, hunger, existence and the
cruel whims of Nature.


Cornwall, UK

The sun does its job everyday
without ever falling tired. Its duty
is to burn. It doesn’t know that it is
sustaining the living beings on earth
or in any other planet or even
other galaxies. The bright sunrays
make the seawater shimmer and
like that
of a bride
with her
g o l d e n
o r n a –
m e n t s
beauty to
her beloved.


Grove, Brockwood Park, UK
The Grove, Brockwood Park, UK

Beauty is created
to be appreciated. Undulating
waves dance in ecstasy causing
a chain reaction of mirth that
is transmitted to all its neighbors
in a coherent rhythmic
fashion. The sound of the musical
air set in the background
intensifies the event by lifting the
waves, up one moment and slashing
it down with utmost force the
next moment. This act strengthens
the sea body to give it a fit countenance.
The energy and horizontal
expansivity of the water body is
enormous and I respect it. The sky
with its huge clouds decorates the
vastness like a chandelier suspended
in a dark spacious palace, only
that the light from the chandelier
is dependent on the whim of the
sun and the moon.


Lake in Geneva

The sun sometimes
wants to play a hide and seek
game. It goes behind the clouds for
a moment while the other cumulonimbuses
are busy finding him. And
lo!  All of a sudden he emerges out
of its hideout and again the clouds
sing together in extreme joy to the
tune of the water waves without
even realizing that this hullabaloo
is going to make sun go into hiding
again. The game goes on and on for
the whole day till the sun becomes
completely enervated and ambles
to a few hours of repose. The
motherly clouds blanket the sun so
that it does not feel cold. The gentle
sea breeze and the dusky waves
sing melodious lullaby that sometimes
drones the sun to oversleep.
Twinkling stars and the infinite rays
of light torching out from the lighthouse

Biarritz, 2004
Biarritz, 2004

guard any malicious onlooker


The nocturnal lives buzzle
with activity preparing for the
next day to commence in.
The resplendent flowers open
up after the dawn light falls on
the very many colored petals of
the plants, expressing their unsurmountable
joy of seeing the sun
rays, dancing with the caressing
wind, cautiously smooching its beloved,
without ever getting noticed;
a gentle soft touch, having a magnetic
effect of transmittance onto
her irresistible neighbours, secretly
fantasising the glory within, an act
of fornication!  Do the sun and the
moon not convey something about
the very essence of the Life? The
sun with all his might and fire burning
within is the proof of existential
realism, to burn until the fuel
exhausts. The sunly thoughts kept
alive by a chain reaction where one
become two, two becomes four and
so on. The accomplished thought is
his own Frankenstein, the quencher
of the chain reactions, to mitigate
the intensity of the burning. In contrast,
the moon with his cold energy
displays the infinite calmness.
He coaxes and cajoles the molecules
to perform the lightly feat at
a pleasant state. Nature nurtures us
and teaches how to live.


DSCN1494I am not what I am. I am at the
mercy of the bright sun light. I see
because of him. Speak because of
the wind, walk because of the earth,
live because of the elixir of life: the
thirst quenching water and, derive
energy from the food obtained
from the plants, growing because of
the very sun. I should live in harmony
with Nature and upon death,
I should ooze into the soil of the
earth like the rainwater seeping
into the ground to fertilise the soil,
to nourish the worms; so that my
self is transformed and transmutated
and fed back to the soil; so
that new beings are derived from
no matter what the self was.

Portsmouth Harbour, UK

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