Thought goes a voyage

At the Fields shopping in Forum in Copenhagen
At the Fields shopping in Forum in Copenhagen

It was nice to see people playing. Of all ages. I see small babies crawling on foam cushion

on the floor. I see younger children tight rope walking assisted by volunteers.

I see women and men skateboarding  with long skates. I see an intense table tennis match.

It was good to see teenage boys doing something different so that they are not stereotyped.

The ball wants to be free but it is contained in a quadrangle on either side.

Eu tenho liberdade, eu tenho escolha, (I have freedom and I have choice) the ball screams !

Samba flows in the feet of a damselfly fluttering the air.

I saw a women with white blotch all over her body. I see a man with tennis shoes,

with white spots all over his body. I see a lady whose dance movements

were like leaves under a gust.

I see an injured gigantic grasshopper.
I see ants devouring it already

from her distal end.

I weep. Why does life have to be so cruel.

Why do I have to witness such violence.

Is this what is called the survival of the fittest ?

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