PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 9: Outuno

Gosh it has indeed been a long time. Yes it is. Yes it is. So comment Petruska and Seine meet after their long break.

Gruyere cheese stacked, Gruyere, Switzerland.
Gruyere cheese stacked,
Gruyere, Switzerland.


share their

hobbies and their

passion over a cup of

earl grey tea at Caracoli,

a cafe located in Alresford,

a village with maximum number of millionaires.

Such hedonists they were, they decide to go out for a drink to taste what they have produced through hard work.

Was it hard they surmise ?

And yes, the bar has to be obviously ‘elephant and mouse’ in a street named Vestergade, situated very close to Radhuspladsen in Copenhagen.

J loves elephants. And so does F and Vijay.

Drawing by Vijay (there used to be a bar called the mouse and the elephant in Copenhagen)

Who does not love elephant, they are such adorable creatures,

R utters with such glee.

A nearly perfect marriage of power

and subtleties,

the elephants are.

The scene is set. It is a dark and a cold evening during an eventful Scandinavian winter.

It is so easy to go tangent. Lemme come back to the yeasts for a moment.

The beer mats arrive at the counter. The beer mugs follows next.

How many ways shall I drink thee, the yeasts ponder.

Shall I check with Athel Cornish Bowden as he knows the most about enzymes, I am told


must I perform an elementary mode analysis together with Stefan Schuster so as to get maximum pleasure out of minimum resources ? as they say to suck the marrow out of the bone !

Meanwhile, Vijay was writing an Ode to the autoclave in his LaB.

I work tireless at high temperature and pressure,

to kill the most recalcitrant microbes using steam and pressure,

I see microbes wiggle and squeal to the mounting excess,

and eventually they succumb to the ghastly executioner.

How many times have I wept  for those unsung heroes,

who also evolved with me and others on this beautiful planet,

But the essence of life is its creation,

Life destroys but recreates too.

I shan’t worry about these little deaths.

I will also get old and age and wither away,

My parts replaced by robotic parts

I’ll become history some day too !

2015-03-30 07.29.27
Drawing by Vijay

Just as J and Vijay were doing experiments with 10% sucrose, the sweet signal that emanated from the lab attracted a number of flies. After all, they also contribute to the 1G bioethanol process.

Drawing by Vijay

John Milton wrote in ‘On his blindness’: ‘He also serves who stands and waits’.

It is only fitting to write about ‘A Fly’

A fly gazing at the wondrous sky

She ponders: Shall I or shall I not ?

To conquer the vastness & the immense

blue sky. Will I be able to ?

A Voice shoots from her distal end

You Shall Try and Not Brood Over the Consequences !

It leaps in the air, to neuter the drag force

it elevates, almost like a spring, on hearing

the inner voice.

It flies. Far far away. Beyond the horizon.

Beyond the vision of my binoculars.

Amidst these bracketed conversations, Petruska and Seine recollect this hymn written by Vijay, as a homage to their (y)eastly ancestors.

Yeast in east

Yeast goes on a voyage to the east

told they are  that theycome from the primeval forests of China

‘I shall see my roots, my origins and my brethren.

To exchange pleasantries with the neighbours

and have a feel for the ambiance’, sings the yeast duo.

Let’s go. Vamos faze-lo.

Sunrise in Penzance, Cornwall, UK

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