PE-2 and CEN.PK meeting 5: Abhor


CEN.PK: Hi Petruska, did you hear what happened in Copenhagen ? Something terribly deplorable has taken place in Osterbro, where Vijay lived for two years from 2003 to 2005.

PE-2: I am really sorry to hear that Seine. I remember Vijay could not sleep well last week, as the question of identity was bothering him the whole night. I took a peek at his thought system and all I could find was this one recurring thought:

‘Why do human beings strongly associate with something and would go to any extent to nourish it’ ?

CEN.PK: I gather that the controversial Swedish cartoonist was in a cafe to give a talk on freedom. A gun man, came out of the blue, showered the cafe with bullets. Real bullets. Bullets that pierce through the flesh and instantly knocks a person off.  It is so easy to kill a life. I wonder what went on in the mind of the shooter. The police found that he was involved in petty thefts but his class mates commented that he was a good lad. What he did was an action most abominable.

clip machine_CPH

Seine continues to talk

A similar thing happened in France too.  Seine wishes the world to be like this passage from Maxim Gorky’s ‘Mother’.

“You know, sometimes you have a wonderful feeling living in your heart. It seems to you that wherever you go, all men are comrades; all burn with one and the same fire; all are merry; all are good. Without words they all understand one another; and no one wants to hinder or insult the other. No one feels the need of it. All live in unison, but each heart sings its own song. And the songs flow like brooks into one stream, swelling into a huge river of bright joys, rolling free and wide down its course. Anmused when you think that this will be–that it cannot help being if we so wish it–then the wonderstruck heart melts with joy. You feel like weeping–you feel so happy.”

PE-2 shares what it gathered from Vijay’s thoughts. PE-2 is speaking on  behalf of Vijay and in first person.

I started to wonder what hate is and if it is only a human trait. Why does one hate another ? Where is the feeling to dominate arise ? Do animals have it ?  Why did Nature evolve in such a way that progress comes at a cost ? There is no free lunch ! Every progress inevitably leads to the birth of the ‘new’ and the demise of the ‘old’. By  clinging on to the old and yearning for the old, one is lost in the past, afraid to live the ‘now’ and embrace the future. The head of Google talks about the digital dark age.

Suddenly PE-2 had a premonition. Would it compete with Kluyveromyces marxianus, its sister yeast when it grows together with it, in fermentation vats. Already, its distant relative the inimitable Lactobacillus is giving a lot of trouble to PE-2 in bioethanol plants, as Lactobacillus makes PE-2 sticky and lose its viability, unable to accumulate ethanol in excess. PE-2 had to reprogram its transcriptional machinery.

CEN.PK: Petruska, I was wondering if we grieve when our daughters die. Do we track our daughters ? Do we know if we pass on the good genes ? Do we pass on good mitochondrial DNA to our daughters ? CRISPR-CAS system, which is used now in gene manipulation, is actually a combat system to kill extraneous DNA, in bacteria. Is the notion to kill a life as old as the bacteria itself ?

PE-2: I heard that the UK parliament is going to pass a bill that it is alright to borrow mtDNA from another person, if it the mother’s mtDNA has genes with high susceptibility to cause diseases. This ruffled a few feathers in the world including the religious people.

CEN.PK: The thing is that we both are asking questions all the time. I really wonder if we truly listen to each other, deeply and compassionately. Otherwise, we are just shooting questions for newness sake. No sooner than Seine finished telling Petruska about listening than it mentioned Jens Nielsen’s group from Chalmers. They have created a thermo-tolerant version of mine, using evolutionary engineering. It is a neat idea but involved a lot of hard work.

PE-2: Yes, I remember Caspeta’s Science paper. Stephanopoulos‘s group from MIT published their work too in the same issue. They report out that elevated pH and the presence of potassium ions increases alcohol tolerance.

Let us really hope that biofuel industries do not become monopolies like the oil companies, to produce 2G bioethanol. Meanwhile, let us help Vijay and his friend J, who are devising new experiments to better understand us. They are really sincere, without pretense and yearn for a revelation in our physiology. We are not Gods, so we cannot promise. But let us give some special care to their work.

Bob’s your uncle Petruska.


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