We need a true scientific mind !


This week I read a brilliant written article in ‘The New Yorker‘, titled: Can AIDS be cured ? Jerome Groopman, the author, is a research scientist at Harvard Medical School. I admired his writing style and the article is a good introduction to any one wanting to know the genesis of the disease and the various strategies that scientists have adopted to cure AIDS. He ends by saying:

A fatal disease has been tamed into a chronic condition. The next step is to find a cure. Scientists are innately cautious, and AIDS researchers have learned humility over the years. Science operates around a core of uncertainty, within which lie setbacks, but also hope. Read more…

All the articles published by Dr. Groopman in The New Yorker can be accessed here.

While it is motivating to read articles such as that of Dr. Groopman’s, it was amusing to read the text uttered by a politician in India:

“We can feel proud of what our country achieved in medical science at one point of time. We all read about Karna in the Mahabharata. If we think a little more, we realise that the Mahabharata says Karna was not born from his mother’s womb. This means that genetic science was present at that time. That is why Karna could be born outside his mother’s womb,” he said adding that Lord Ganesha must have got an elephant’s head on the body of a human being through plastic surgery in those days… Source: The Hindu

I wonder what the Indian students have to study now as everything that the western science has reported has already been accomplished in India ! What if, for a moment, think, that the countries do not matter. After all, that division is made by humans. If, it was said: Human beings who lived several thousand years had already accomplished what we are seeing now, that would have been a humble and a fitting statement. Nope. For some men (mostly), one’s country is more important that the entire human race and they will go to any extent to prove that they matter more than others. If only we remind ourselves that we are merely a speck of a dirt in the larger cosmos. Does it really matter who invented first and boast about it ?

During my last trip to India, I saw this text (pictures below) in my nephew’s book.IMG_0256IMG_0261

Two things bothered me. The book said that at puberty one is attracted to the opposite gender and that to prevent abuse, the child has to keep distance from the other sex. Although the gender is not specified, I opine that it is addressed to a girl child. This means that a girl can never go out and explore the world like the way a boy does, as they will always encounter men and according to the textbook, all men are potential rapists. The statement about puberty completely decimates the hope of a LGBT person. He/she is made to feel that they have a disease right from an young age.

When a child is brought up like this, where is the freedom to question why we do certain things the way we do ? I wish if parents spend more time with their children and less time on TV and their own ambitions and actually educate the child. To educate is not merely to send a child to the school but to engage and participate in their learning process too.

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