Composers of Western Classical Music – Visualised

I was looking for a timeline of composers of western classical music right from Hildegaard Von Bingen but I could not find an interactive one on the web. However,I found the following:

  1. lists the major composers in its timeline in PDF format
  2. Classicfm has a much nicer timeline but it does not show all the composers. Media and text on a particular composer is included in the timeline which makes it easier to comprehend 2014-08-09_21-22-45
  3. BBC radio4 has an interactive timeline but does not include all the composersBBC radio4 Timeline
  4. I built one myself in Excel which can be downloaded here Composers
  5. Carissimi’s poster is worth a buy as it shows all the composers in a 40″ by 27″ frame
  6. I am in the process of building the timeline using an iPad app. A first attempt can be seen hereComposers_3D
  7. Timeline JS is a Javascript based platform to view the timeline on a browser. At the moment it does not import all the 1000 rows in my table. A preliminary attempt is shown here. The Google spreadsheet used for this timeline can be downloaded here. Please make a copy of the spreadsheet.


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