Climate change – Food, Health and Misconceptions

Climate change and health In a 2014 article published in the British Medical Journal, James Milner and his co-authors outlined how some home energy efficiency improvements could cost lives by increasing indoor radon exposure and the resultant risk of developing lung cancer. read more in The Conversation. *** Veritasium on climate change misconceptions. *** Climate change and Food Recent studies show that current trends in … Continue reading Climate change – Food, Health and Misconceptions

Nature’s call

300 million women and girls are forced to defecate outside Bangladesh, has reduced open defecation from 19% to 3% in just two years by decentralising sanitation programmes Nearly half of India’s 1.2 billion people have no toilets at home Everyday 200,000 tonnes of human feces are deposited in India, left in the open References Guardian: Lack of toilets puts India’s health and rural women’s safety at risk … Continue reading Nature’s call

Composers of Western Classical Music – Visualised

I was looking for a timeline of composers of western classical music right from Hildegaard Von Bingen but I could not find an interactive one on the web. However,I found the following: lists the major composers in its timeline in PDF format Classicfm has a much nicer timeline but it does not show all the composers. Media and text on a particular composer is included in … Continue reading Composers of Western Classical Music – Visualised