Drive, Write and Automate

This post  is about report writing and automation:
  1. write a thesis/project report with references in MS word
  2. more about Google drive – documentation and tutorials
  3. Automate the learning environment using scripts and extensions
Writing a report in MS word
These two videos are a good introduction to write a report with table of contents including cross references.
Writing a thesis or a report in Microsoft Word Using inbuilt styles:
Many of the steps could be extrapolated in Google Docs as well.
Google drive
Automation using Google scripts:
Educators around the world are using a number of Google scripts to automate various tasks they regularly employ in their classrooms. Examples of such automation are the following:
Autocrat – document merge on the cloud. You can see an example of how this script is used to produce customised course certificates.
Doctopus – create individualised/differentiated templates for students and track the progress of students’ work
Goobric – extension to assess student work using Google Chrome browser. It works together with Doctopus to give written feedback on students’ written work.

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