Chemistry Outreach

Matter exhibits chemistry. Chemistry is the study of atoms and molecules, their interactions with each other as well as the properties that arise from this interplay. Chemistry is all around us, in you, in me and in all the products which are on display on the shelves of a super market. Often people associate chemists with Jekyll and Hyde, or Frankenstein. Not all chemicals are bad (see Natural … Continue reading Chemistry Outreach

A titration problem

If 525 mL of 0.80 M HCl solution is neutralized with 315 mL of Sr(OH)2 solution what is the molarity of the Sr(OH)2? The molarity of Sr(OH)2 is 0.67 M Acids and Bases neutralize each other. Strontium hydroxide will neutralize Hydrochloric acid to produce a salt and water. The reaction will be Sr(OH)2 +2HCl ——> SrCl2 + 2H2O. Volume of Strontium Hydroxide is 315 mL Volume of Hydrochloric acid is 525 mL … Continue reading A titration problem

Why is titration used when standardizing a solution?

I posted this answer to Titration is a cost effective and an easy analytic method to deduce the exact concentration of a solution. Titration is easiest of all the analytic methods available to find out the exact concentration of a solution. It is quite simple as all we need is a burette, a pipette, and a suitable indicator, in case the end point is … Continue reading Why is titration used when standardizing a solution?

Living Symphonies

Living Symphonies is a sound installation which aims to portray a forest ecosystem in an ever changing soundscape – reflecting, in real time, the interactions of the natural world. In this film, Nature Video takes a peek under the hood of Living Symphonies, at the science which makes it possible; and asks how projects like these could influence the way that both the public and … Continue reading Living Symphonies

Let the mountain come to me…

Mobile devices Flipboard is an excellent way to collect updates from newspapers, journals, blogs, magazines as well as video channels. This video of my flipboard shows some of the ways in which I am using it on my iPad. **** Desktop Rich Site Summary (RSS) (video explains RSS in a simple way) Look for the symbol below, on web pages. Clicking that image activates subscription. You can receive updates … Continue reading Let the mountain come to me…

Isolating a needle in a haystack

Gmail ​​Examples of search Search for emails which has attachment has:attachment  Search for messages with an attachment Example: from:david has:attachment Meaning: Messages from David that have an attachment Search for emails which is in a particular folder in:anywhere Search for messages anywhere in Gmail* *Messages in Spam and Trash are excluded from searches by default Example: in:anywhere movie  Meaning: Messages in All Mail, Spam, andTrash that contain the word “movie” in:inbox in:trash in:spam Search … Continue reading Isolating a needle in a haystack

Drive, Write and Automate

This post  is about report writing and automation: ​​ write a thesis/project report with references in MS word more about Google drive – documentation and tutorials Automate the learning environment using scripts and extensions Writing a report in MS word These two videos are a good introduction to write a report with table of contents including cross references. Writing a thesis or a report in … Continue reading Drive, Write and Automate