Productivity – Mindmaps and file management

iThoughts: This mindmap app enables you to create mindmap with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Salient features
  • Pressing “Enter” button on key board creates a sibling, while pressing space three times creates a parent.
  • One can create link between various siblings and parents.
  • One can add hyperlink which will take you to a web browser.
  • From Chrome or Safari, using a bookmarklet, you can create a topic directly in iThoughts.
  • You can have various presentation modes including background canvas.
  • You can have Dropbox storage which makes data backup easier and accessible on the cloud using other mindmap softwares.
  • You can import premade mindmaps from biggerplate and adapt it to suit your purpose.
  • You can add photos and comments.
  • Map can be exported by email in various format including PDF and bulleted points.
  • Use siri to create topics
iThoughts YouTube channel (various tips lasting from few minutes to several minutes)
iThoughts Help page
There are separate apps for iPads (iThoughtsHD)and iPhones and each cost £6.99.
TubeDownloaderPro: This app enables you to download YouTube videos directly on the iPad. This app has an inbuilt web browser which enables you to access YouTube videos directly for downloading. The video files can be copied in other apps such as FileBrowser, Google Drive, Documents, Dropbox, Onedrive. It costs £2.4​​9
FileBrowser: This app enables you to browse and share all your files (Google drive, Dropbox, One Drive, File server) in one place. The disadvantage is that you cannot move files from one storage place to another.  It costs £3.99

YouTube Video (1 min 16 S)
A demo video which I made of iThoughts and TubeDownloader can be seen here (3 min 29 s, no audio).

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