Productivity – Notes taking

Notes: The inbuilt app from iOS synchronises your notes with your email account. It is a very basic app and the text need to be typed. It is available for  free

Notesplus: This is the most popular notetaking app in the appstore. You can take notes using various inbuilt e-pens (felter, fountain, caligraphy, wet brush), rest your palm by pulling up the palm rest, record audio as you write, back up the files in Dropbox. You can of course use your fingers to type, but a stylus (a physical pen) makes the experience much better. Though Notesplus suggest various styli, the best ones on the market – Wacom Creative Stylus (£57) as well Adonit Jot Touch (£57) – would soon be made compatible with Notesplus. Character recognition is available as an in-app purchase, which enables  handwritten notes to be converted to text. You can also annotate imported pdf files, import pictures and text from its in-built web browser. It costs £7. 
I have not used it yet but this app is made for touch as touch gestures using fingers are used to the fullest. The new bluetooth stylus from Wacom is compatible with this app. It costs £4.
Moleskine: Those who have used Moleskine notebooks would now be able to access it electronically as an app version. App is available for Free

App is available for Free. But for advanced features one needs to buy in-app purchases. Wacom has two different styli to work with Bamboo paper.

This  is a fantastic app for painting. Basic features are free but for advanced features one needs to buy in-app purchases.
 (Paper 53)

This video I made using my iPad gives a quick demo of the notes and paper 53 app. The video was recorded using the reflector app, which, as the name suggests, mirrors the ipad on the desktop.

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