Reference Manager and ACS

I have been a member of American Chemical Society for the last three years and I am glad to be part of it. I also subscribe to the journal of chemical education, which for high school teachers, is available at a reduced price. Back when I was a student at IIT Delhi, I used to look forward to reading it every week.  Many of the articles, if I remember, focused on explaining the scientific concepts in various other ways. However, I notice in the last few years that the emphasis has been more on student learning using various pedagogical tools. Some of the articles consist of lengthy text and devoid of any chemical formulas. I wonder why this shift happened. Nevertheless, JChemed is still an important journal for high school and college teachers.

ACS also has its own reference management system called ChemWorx. It works very similarly to Mendeley, which is also available for free although its advanced features needs a subscription. Both ChemWorx and Mendeley can be added as a bookmarklet and instructions can be found here (ChemWorx, Mendeley). Although booknmarklets are available for Safari in iPad, its use in Chrome is possible after a slight tweak. One cab bookmark any page using the star in chrome, then under URL, paste the following code for Mendeley and ChemWorx respectively:

Save to Mendeley:



Import to ACS Chemworx:

javascript:(function(){var spt=document.createElement(‘script’);spt.src=’′;spt.type=’text/javascript’;document.getElementsByTagName(‘body’)[0].appendChild(spt);})();


ACS is giving free access to the first issues of all its journals published this year. It can be accessed here.

As ACS puts it “Every day — 365 days a year — one new peer reviewed article of broad scientific interest is made freely available via ACS Editors’ Choice”. These articles can be accessed here. Some of the articles can be used in the classroom, perhaps to highlight the kind of research chemists do all over the world, toiling day and night, only to seek yet another “truth”.

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