Productivity Tools – Storage and Access

Passdrop: If you want to store all the passwords securely in one place, this app is great. The password database is stored in Dropbox and it is synced on the cloud. You must download the desktop application called Keepass and create the database there before you can access it on the iOS devices. App can be accessed without internet as well.

Sandisk media drive: If you are limited by storage capacity on your iPad or iPhone, then Sandisk media is very useful. You can have a 32 or 64 GB storage drive with its own WIFI. You can acccess files and videos by connecting to the sandisk wifi network even if you do not have a regular wireless connection. 

Bookmarks sync:
 If you use Chrome, you can sign in with your gmail account, under settings. This enables you to synchronise your bookmarks across all devices (ipad, iphone, desktop and laptop). On the iCloud control panel on Windows, you can enable Safari sync with Chrome, which makes your personal bookmarks available in case you use Safari as well.

Mousepro: This app lets you use your iPhone as an external mouse. You can use as a remote for your laptop when you make a presentation. You need to be connected to the same wifi network to control your pc. 

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