Recreating a 400 year old book

On the night of January 7, 1610, Galileo Galilei, a resident of Padua, walked onto his balcony and tipped his telescope toward space. He spotted three stars near Jupiter and graphed their positions in a notebook. Six days later, he looked through his telescope again and found the same stars—but their positions had shifted. They were, he realized, moons orbiting Jupiter. Galileo had long believed … Continue reading Recreating a 400 year old book

The life and times of a pharmaceutical drug

One of the chapters in the A level (final year of high school) Salters Chemistry in the UK was drug discovery and clinical trials. The story line book covered this topic in 5 or so pages. What was not mentioned were the actual difficulties and the hurdles that the scientists underwent to discover a new drug. This article published in ‘The New Yorker‘ takes us … Continue reading The life and times of a pharmaceutical drug

Pessoa – The keeper of sheep

My colleague and friend, Ana, kindly allowed me to record a poem read by her of the noted Portuguese poet, Fernando Pessoa. He makes us speechless, when he utters: To love is eternal innocence, And the only innocence is not to think… Krishnamurti uses the word “thought” a lot and it was interesting to see that there are some parallels between their works. “In the … Continue reading Pessoa – The keeper of sheep

Arthur Rimbaud dormeur du val

Some similarities with Robert Browning’s ‘Incident of the French Camp’: You know, we French stormed Ratisbon: A mile or so away On a little mound, Napoleon Stood on our storming-day; With neck out-thrust, you fancy how, Legs wide, arms locked behind, As if to balance the prone brow Oppressive with its mind. Just as perhaps he mused, “My plans That soar, to earth may fall, … Continue reading Arthur Rimbaud dormeur du val