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Thane Richard finds his study abroad experience in India an enormous disappointment.

I recently read an article in Kafila written by some students from St. Stephen’s College in Delhi that really made me think. To quickly summarise, the piece criticised the draconian views of the Principal of St. Stephen’s College regarding curfews on women’s dormitories and his stymieing of his students’ democratic ideals of discussion, protest, and open criticism. The students’ frustration was palpable in the text and their story felt to me like a perfect example of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Except Indian students are not an unstoppable force. Not even close. Read more…

On Education
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And there are numerous many hurdles. In the end it comes down to an individual to make the change. Systems and societies can not bring about change. 

J Krishnamurti – A dialogue with oneself

J Krishnamurti – Scientific Mind

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