Compounds present in exhaled breath can act as a “fingerprint” for individuals, scientists say. These “metabolites” represent the waste products of the body’s chemistry – but their uniqueness had never been shown. Read more on BBC’s website *** Abstract: “The metabolic phenotype varies widely due to external factors such as diet and gut microbiome composition, among others. Despite these temporal fluctuations, urine metabolite profiling studies … Continue reading Metabolomics

The Future of Humanity

Drones have become a routine part of military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Using data from the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, California-based designers Pitch Interactive have visualised every known attack by the US and Coalition military since 2004. Source: Guardian Related “What is the future of humanity?” This question is by now of vital concern to everyone, because modern science and technology are clearly seen to … Continue reading The Future of Humanity