Data visualisation – an equine problem

The European trade in horsemeat mapped – interactive More than 60,000 tonnes of horsemeat was traded by European countries in 2012. This data, from the Eurostat internal trade database shows exports of Equidae over the year – that is, ‘horse-like’ animals, such as horses, donkeys, mules and asses. Roll over the buttons on the left for details of where each country received its equidae from. Please click on … Continue reading Data visualisation – an equine problem


I recently acquired a Livescribe Smartpen to convert my handwritten notes into digital format. The software enables me to transfer my notes directly to my Google docs or Evernote account. Related Smartpen Wifi e-pens convert your pen strokes into editable, high definition digital copies. Ideal for everyone from students to professionals to artists, e-pens don’t require expensive tablet PCs e-Touch pen – convert pc into a … Continue reading Smartpens