Sustainable Designs

Roca W +W


W+W, which launched in the UK  inMarch 2010, combines two key elements of the bathroom to create an all-in-one washbasin and WC designed to maximize space and conserve water.  This ground breaking idea, incorporating Roca’s ‘water-reuse’ technology, uses waste water from the basin to fill the WC cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 litre dual-flush WC.

W+W was the winner of the Environmental Innovation Product Award for Bathrooms at the Kbbreview Industry Awards 2010. This prestigious award pays tribute to W+W’s innovative design and ecological credentials. This is the seventh award which W+W has won since its first launch at ISH in April 2009.

W+W’s innovation allows the user to turn the ECO function on or off (if they do not want to reuse the waste water) by means of a click waste. The click waste also contains a built in filter to remove particle debris from the waste water which is being reused. W+W automatically treats the grey water in order to eliminate bacteria and odours.  Read more…



In-Tank Meridian WC


New for 2012 is the unique In-Tank Meridian WC, a revolutionary bathroom fitting concept which incorporates the tank in its interior – it’s the first WC to offer wall-hung and back-to-wall options which do not require a concealed cistern, facilitating ease of installation and creating an ideal solution for small spaces.

It features a three function, dual-flush pushbutton for 3 / 4.5 / 6 litre flushing. Water is introduced through a feeding mechanism and then air is introduced by a revolutionary blower which has been developed in collaboration with Fluidmaster. This innovative blower pushes water through the toilet rim to flush the WC. Very clever!


Video on YouTube


Hydroplate by CEA designs, Italy061-ceadesign

The Hydroplate sanitary ware line includes two types of flush plate, including one with a hidden water-jet cleaner, and a simple water-jet cleaner that can be combined with the toilet roll holder. These products are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and come in a polished or satin finish. The hidden water jet, accessible via a push-to-open system, is located behind the plate and uses the water in the cistern, meaning no additional plumbing is required. This leads to design and installation savings, cutting building and plumbing work. Plus, the location behind the plate is far more convenient than a traditional brush by the side of the loo. The design is about simplicity and elegance, aspects that are enhanced by the water jet opening and push button sitting flush against the plate. The water jet also comes in a solo version or it can be combined with the toilet roll holder, once again for a built-in solution. In the latter case, additional plumbing would be required. Hydroplate can be used with Geberit, Grohedal and Tece flush plates. 


Dyson Hand dryer

More on Dyson

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