A Functional IMAGINARY Tale (reblogged)

Any one familiar with Microsoft Excel functions, will be able to appreciate this writing from the spreadsheet guru, John Walkenbach

I’ve been sleeping on a COT for a MONTH NOW because I don’t have any CLEAN SHEETS LEFT. So TODAY I went looking for SHEETS — SUMPRODUCT that offers REAL VALUE for the DOLLAR. The MEDIAN cost varies in different AREAS, so I got on the Internet AND did a SEARCH to LOOKUP SHEETS. There were many to CHOOSE from: ROWS of every TYPE of SHEET you can think of, EVEN in the MID PRICE range. I thought it would take DAYS, but I got lots of INFO in a MINUTE. Excellent WEBSERVICE.

functionsIt wasn’t a WORKDAY, so I decided to visit a local store. I found the ADDRESS AND saw their SIGN. Shopping isn’t something I do with any FREQUENCY, but SUM times, it seems like the RIGHT thing to do. Read more…

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