A Functional IMAGINARY Tale (reblogged)

Any one familiar with Microsoft Excel functions, will be able to appreciate this writing from the spreadsheet guru, John Walkenbach I’ve been sleeping on a COT for a MONTH NOW because I don’t have any CLEAN SHEETS LEFT. So TODAY I went looking for SHEETS — SUMPRODUCT that offers REAL VALUE for the DOLLAR. The MEDIAN cost varies in different AREAS, so I got on … Continue reading A Functional IMAGINARY Tale (reblogged)

Sustainable Designs

Roca W +W W+W, which launched in the UK  inMarch 2010, combines two key elements of the bathroom to create an all-in-one washbasin and WC designed to maximize space and conserve water.  This ground breaking idea, incorporating Roca’s ‘water-reuse’ technology, uses waste water from the basin to fill the WC cistern, thereby reducing water usage by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3 litre … Continue reading Sustainable Designs