Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress

Contrary to what we commonly believe, researchers have found out that Leadership and stress are inversely related. Abstract from PNAS As leaders ascend to more powerful positions in their groups, they face ever-increasing demands. As a result, there is a common perception that leaders have higher stress levels than nonleaders. However, if leaders also experience a heightened sense of control—a psychological factor known to have … Continue reading Leadership is associated with lower levels of stress


Lu Lobello, a troubled veteran of the war in Iraq, and the Kachadoorian family, three of whom were killed by Lobello’s unit in a chaotic Baghdad firefight. Lobello was a Lance Corporal in the Marines; during the invasion of Baghdad, his unit was engaged in a furious gun battle with Iraqi forces in an intersection on Baladiyat street. Three cars containing nine members of the … Continue reading Atonement