Chemical Equilibrium

In biology, life is the avoidance of equilibrium, and the attainment of equilibrium is death, but knowing whether equilibrium lies in favor of reactants or products under certain conditions is a good indication of the feasibility of a biochemical reaction (Atkins and de Paula, in Atkins’ Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press).

Chemguide is a good web resource for students studying chemistry. Pedro Mendes demonstrates the kinetics of unimolecular reaction in this video.

To see the application of differential equations in chemistry, I recommend watching the video from MIT OpenCourseWare on ‘Thermodynamics & Kinetics’ by Prof. Keith A. Nelson and Prof. Moungi Bawendi. In this video below, he explains the kinetics of reversible reactions in a lucid way. A-level chemistry in the UK does not have much mathematics in it which was not the case when I was a high school student in India.

Chemical Kinetics and Chemical Equilibrium are related topics. Gultekin Cakmakci from Turkey has worked on chemistry education:

  1. Designing and evaluating an evidence-informed instruction in chemical kinetics
  2. Chemical Kinetics Concepts Achievement Test (CKCAT)

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