Chemical Equilibrium

In biology, life is the avoidance of equilibrium, and the attainment of equilibrium is death, but knowing whether equilibrium lies in favor of reactants or products under certain conditions is a good indication of the feasibility of a biochemical reaction (Atkins and de Paula, in Atkins’ Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press). Chemguide is a good web resource for students studying chemistry. Pedro Mendes demonstrates the kinetics of unimolecular reaction … Continue reading Chemical Equilibrium

Observations from Lilian Katz

During her 31 years at the University of Illinois, Lilian G. Katz taught a graduate course titled Early Childhood Curriculum Trends and Issues. The topics included selected aspects of child development, the role of play in learning, parent-teacher relationships, curriculum models and teaching methods, and examination of research related to all of these matters She writes: At the last class of every semester, I also evaluated the semester in terms of … Continue reading Observations from Lilian Katz

Inquiry based learning

Few articles, that I came across recently on inquiry based teaching and learning. Science magazine ( from the US has started a competition on this topic: Teaching Real Science In this issue of Science, we are publishing the first of 15 winning entries for the 2011 Science Prize for Inquiry-Based Instruction, a laboratory module entitled Light, Sight, and Rainbows. Created for introductory college science courses, each module can be readily … Continue reading Inquiry based learning