Data Visualisation Part II: Sciences

Source: Science Magazine Each year, Science Magazine and the National Science Foundation host the International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. The 2011 Challenge received over 200 submissions in five categories, which were evaluated based on visual impact, effective communication of a scientific idea, and overall originality. Visualizations with the most votes from the public received the People’s Choice award. The fantastic visualisations can be viewed here. ♦ … Continue reading Data Visualisation Part II: Sciences

Tiny Houses

Source: The New Yorker ANNALS OF DESIGN about Jay Shafer and the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Tiny houses are built on trailer platforms. Typically, they are between a hundred and a hundred and thirty square feet, roughly the size of a covered wagon. They aren’t toys or playhouses or aesthetic gestures, and they aren’t shacks or cottages, either. Shacks don’t have kitchens and bathrooms, and … Continue reading Tiny Houses

Data visualisation Part I

I got interested in data visualisation after I started appreciating the power of Microsoft Excel. I self-taught Excel entirely through the YouTube channel ‘Excelisfun‘. I then enrolled in Daniel Ferry’s ‘Excel Hero Academy‘ and learnt to a certain extent Excel VBA (visual basic for application). I quite liked Stephen Few’s books (Show me the numbers, Now you see it) and is a good starting point … Continue reading Data visualisation Part I