Statistics for AS and A2 students in the UK

Most high students must be aware of The Khan Academy videos. Khan videos are good at ‘How to’ when it comes to solving problems but may not offer in-depth explanation per se. I taught AS statistics (Cambridge International Examinations, UK)  last year and I found  these videos very helpful. They are available on iTunes U as well as on YouTube.  Prof  Herbert B. Enderton was an excellent teacher (deceased in 2010) and he gave numerous examples in permutations and combinations, normal distribution, conditional probability and Bayes theorem to name a few to highlight the importance of probability and statistics in life sciences. The videos are not just about solving problems but enable us to appreciate statistics using the language of mathematics. I wish I had studied statistics with him.

Lectures which are suitable for AS and A2 statistics can be viewed on UCLA’s YouTube channel as well here. Prof. Enderton asks questions such as the questions below to introduce statistical concepts:

  1. A club has 9 members. How many ways we can choose a 4 person clean-up committee. Four people are chosen from random, what is the probability that George is in that committee?
  2. Number of ways to arrange Abracadabra
  3. Suppose a disease affects 1% of the population. Mr Smith tests positive. When this test is given to a healthy person, we get a false positive one out of 10 times and there are no false negatives. Do I have the disease?


I also found some of the videos from UC Berkeley by Fletcher H Ibser useful, particularly the videos on histograms and measures of spread and location.They are available in iTunes U and on YouTube.

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