What they don’t teach you at Indian B-schools

Source: The Hindu, India This last Sunday, I watched a show on CNBC called Lessons in Marketing Excellence. Essentially, it featured the final round of a competition for B-School students across India conducted by CNBC and Hindustan Unilever Limited. The four finalist teams were asked to address the problem of how to help the Indian Railways innovate. As the bright students in their dark suits made … Continue reading What they don’t teach you at Indian B-schools

MBAs, you can learn from Mani Mama, the master chef

Source: The Hindu, India In Indian marriages, a common factor which determines the performance rating is food, its varieties and taste. With my experience of having attended more than 800 marriages, I always wonder how caterers manage to make hundreds of guests happy. My curiosity made me venture on a project to study the challenges involved in the management of mega marriages where thousands are … Continue reading MBAs, you can learn from Mani Mama, the master chef

Chemistry in Poetry

 Source: Mala Radhakrishnan, assistant professor at Wellesley College, has written a book on poetry chemistry, called “Atomic Romances, Molecular Dances.” Her aim is to use poetry, but also easy-to-understand analogies to teach about thermodynamics, kinetics and molecular reactions. Source I used to sleep ‘ til my electrons would drool At P-32 element-ary school. The things we were taught were just totally boring. A mole of us atoms would … Continue reading Chemistry in Poetry

Why are so many Americans single

Source As reliably as autumn brings Orion to the night sky, spring each year sends a curious constellation to the multiplex: a minor cluster of romantic comedies and the couples who traipse through them, searching for love. These tend not to be people who have normal problems. She is poised, wildly successful in an ulcer-making job, lonely. He is sensitive, creative, equipped with a mysteriously … Continue reading Why are so many Americans single

The Personal MBA

Source Josh Kaufman is the author of The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business, an international bestseller with translations in 12 languages. Josh specializes in teaching professionals in all industries and disciplines how to master practical business knowledge and skills. The Personal MBA has sold over 75,000 copies worldwide to date, and has been in the top 0.1% of all business books sold on Amazon.com since its publication in … Continue reading The Personal MBA