Elements: The beauty of chemistry

The exhibition, launching in the International Year of Chemistry, is curated by David Grayson, Daniel O’Donovan, Hugh Aldersey-Williams and Michael John Gorman, and is a partnership between Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin and the BergamoScienza festival, with the assistance of researcher Brigid Lanigan and advisor Silvia Giordani. Source: Science Gallery, Dublin Continue reading Elements: The beauty of chemistry

Chemistry of Cooking

Hervé This (pronounced: [tis]; born 1955 in Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine) is a French physical chemist who works for the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique at AgroParisTech, in Paris (France). His main area of scientific research is molecular gastronomy, that is the science of culinary phenomena (more precisely, looking for the mechanisms of phenomena occurring during culinary transformations). Source: Wikipedia Continue reading Chemistry of Cooking


René Redzepi: ‘What we eat matters. There’s no conflict between a better meal and a better world’ Source: The Observer, Sunday 14 August 2011 My father, a Muslim immigrant in Denmark, has had all the typical working-class jobs. He’s lugged heavy crates as a greengrocer, driven people around Copenhagen at night in taxis. He has cleaned stacks of dirty glasses and espresso cups. In fact, it … Continue reading Gastronomy

Using technology in the classroom Part III

Dr. Joel Feinstein’s blog is all about the use of technology in mathematical education. He is from the mathematics department in Nottingham. *** David Read is a School Teacher Fellow in Chemistry at the University of Southampton. Simon Lancaster is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at the University of East Anglia. They recently published an article in the magazine ‘Education in chemistry’ published by the … Continue reading Using technology in the classroom Part III

Using technology in the classroom Part II

The current issue of Journal of Chemical Education (published by American Chemical Society) has many articles on technology enabled learning. I have listed the hyperlinked titles of articles below. If you want to get the full text, you can either pay for the article you need or contact the authors directly. I would strongly recommend all high school chemistry teachers to subscribe to this journal (costs … Continue reading Using technology in the classroom Part II