Source: The New Yorker Health we understood. We knew what made a person healthy: sleeping with the windows open and drinking three glasses of whole milk a day. It was pretty simple. Organized sports are an attempt, through regimentation (uniforms and trophies) and rhetoric (rah-rah boosterism and coach talk), to give an inherently pointless activity some kind of point, to inject a purpose into play. … Continue reading Olympics

Using technology in the classroom Part I

Much emphasis was given to technology enhanced learning at the ‘Festival of Education’ held at Wellington College in June 2012. I got interested in screencasting and bought myself a Bamboo medium fun tablet (and it comes with 3 softwares Art Rage, Photoshop elements and Corel, purchased from amazon for £160), an Yeti microphone (£95) and camtasia studio 8 (~£100) to record screen movements. Fantastic help … Continue reading Using technology in the classroom Part I