Debating the value of college education in America

These are some interesting quotes from the article published in The New Yorker ‘More and more Americans are going to college, but how many of them are actually learning anything?’   ‘Society needs a mechanism for sorting out its more intelligent members from its less intelligent ones, just as a track team needs a mechanism (such as a stopwatch) for sorting out the faster athletes … Continue reading Debating the value of college education in America

Education Resources on the internet

Educational videos Learning is undoubtedly more effective through visual interactive materials. Though traditional textbook continues to be a major educational resource, thanks to the Net, lecture videos are fast becoming an alternative learning tool. As you may be aware, tens of hundreds of video tutorials on a variety of subjects are available. Brightstorm, the service that offers several free videos on subjects such as science, mathematics and English is one … Continue reading Education Resources on the internet

T-shaped graduates

Interesting article on Stanford from ‘The New Yorker‘. Interdisciplinary education. This is the philosophy now promoted at the various schools at Stanford—engineering, business, medicine, science, design—which encourages students from diverse majors to come together to solve real or abstract problems. The goal is to have them become what are called “T-shaped” students, who have depth in a particular field of study but also breadth across multiple disciplines. Stanford … Continue reading T-shaped graduates

Festival of Education

Festival of Education 23rd June The festival started off with a short film made especially for this event by Paul McCartney on Vegetarianism. According to a recent report by the UN, livestock is responsible for 18 % of all greenhouse gases. McCartney has started a campaign called ‘Meat Free Monday’ and has put together a cook book with that name. His argument is that grown-ups … Continue reading Festival of Education

How to answer questions in a presentation

Prof. Uri Alon from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel is a pioneer in systems biology and has published several interesting papers not only in cell biology but also in the general aspect of scientific research (For ex: How To Choose a Good Scientific Problem, How to build a motivated research group, how to give a good talk) . I have taken excerpts from the third paper ‘How to give a good … Continue reading How to answer questions in a presentation