Interesting Videos on Management

 by Robert Joss, Stanford School of Business. Here Joss talks about the view from the top.

Communication by Bill Crawford, Psychologist, Author, Coach, Trainer  on ‘How to deal with difficult people’. I understand that K is against techniques or methods of any sort, but when it comes to difficulties between human beings, there is a tendency to take a laid back approach (not doing anyhing) or an agressive or an emotional approach. At the end of the day, there is a feeling that conflict at work place is still not resolved and we are living with it. I have written down a few sentences to give you an idea. The video is 15 minutes long.

Salient features include the following:

  1. The cycle of conflict: Beliefs, interpretations, expectations, emotions, behaviour
  2. Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul if resentment is the poison
  3. Communication: active and receptive

Reasons why people are difficult:
They have a need to tell us something. Suggestion: Listen. It is the key to cooperation
They are afraid that we do not see the seriousness of their problem. Suggestion: Empathize. So they can stop defending the seriousness of the problem and thier right to be upset
They don’t believe that we value thier inputs. Suggestion: ask for their ideas and/or help
They are afraid that if we win they lose. Suggestion: Problem solve, by taking the active role and blending their ideas with yours.

Time management, Professor of computer science,  Randy Pausch (deceased)

Terminal 5: success or failure?, Tim Brady, Professor or Business Studies, Brighton Business School

Leadership by Alan Mulally, Ford USA

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