Salters AS & A2 Chemistry

At Brockwood we follow the OCR examination board. OCR has two categories for chemistry, namely chemistry A  and Chemistry B. Chemistry A is more traditional and topics are dealt with in a segregated manner and there are two separate text books for both the levels. While in Chemistry B, OCR write: In contrast to the traditional ‘topic-based’ approach, Chemistry B (Salters) is ‘context-led’. Chemical concepts are introduced within … Continue reading Salters AS & A2 Chemistry

Interesting Videos on Management

Leadership by Robert Joss, Stanford School of Business. Here Joss talks about the view from the top. Communication by Bill Crawford, Psychologist, Author, Coach, Trainer  on ‘How to deal with difficult people’. I understand that K is against techniques or methods of any sort, but when it comes to difficulties between human beings, there is a tendency to take a laid back approach (not doing anyhing) or an … Continue reading Interesting Videos on Management